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B'kol Echads

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  • Plate setup: $50
  • Art setup: $25
  • Paper proof: $30
  • Printing ($25.00 minimum): $0.25 per book, front only; $0.50 per book, front and back
  • Orders should be placed no later than 4 weeks prior to the event, to allow shipment shipment two weeks prior to indicated simcha date. If the order is not for a simcha, please indicate a “receive by” date. There will be a rush charge for any order placed less than three (3) weeks in advance.
  • Shipping: UPS Ground Rates. If expedited shipping is either requested by the customer or required because of late order placement, additional charges will apply. Please note: Estimated shipping costs are approximately $30 for 100 books.

  • * There is an additional charge for orders under 100 items.

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