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             Make It a Different Night Indeed!             
Feast of Freedom Haggadah 

The contemporary commentary in this favorite haggadah makes it a modern classic.

All is accompanied by artwork in full color by Israeli artist Dan Reisinger.

The Discovery Haggadah 
Take a journey with Rabbis Ron Isaacs and Kerry Olitzky to discover the best seder ever. Click discovery.pdf on the item page to get a sneak peek. Make it a different night, indeed! 
The Tapestry of Jewish Time 
Judaism's traditional rituals and contemporary innovations are woven together to show how we can both honor and enlarge our tradition, as we also weave in our own personal rituals. 
Medieval Haggadah 
A fresh and creative look at four historical gems: the Bird's Head Haggadah, the Golden Haggadah, and the two Rylands haggadot. A magnificent addition to any haggadah collection! 
     Clean First, Then Cook Something Special     
Passover by Design 
This one's a keeper! Bring a new taste to the table with these exciting recipes from renowned cookbook authority Susie Fishbein. 
Cooking Coach 
New from Susie Fishbein! Refine your culinary skills with this great new kitchen essential from the Kosher by Design collection. 120 new recipes, 400+ full-color photos, and lots 'n' lots of tips and techniques for the beginner or the veteran home chef. 
         Holiday Closing!          
Holiday Alert 
Please note that the offices of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism will be closed for Pesach from April 14 to April 22. Enjoy the holiday! 
          Deep Reading          
Faith Unravels 
Rabbi Daniel Greyber shares his own painful experience as a "forgotten mourner" in a personal story of "faith lost and regained anew." 
Luah 5774 
What to say, every day. Special holiday features, background information, and more. 
Luah 5774 Online 
Luah Hashanah 5774 has an online edition! Bookmarks, jump-links and more. Click the image to get all the details!



But Where Is the Lamb? 
Who hasn't wrestled with God's command to Abraham to sacrifice his son? 
Happier Endings 
Is there such a thing as a good death? Dr. Erica Brown presents many important conversations, both emotional and practical and from many faith traditions, to help guide her readers. 
The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem 
Jeremy Dauber, a professor of Yiddish literature at Columbia University, presents a magnificent look at "the Jewish Mark Twain," Sholem Aleichem. 

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